Monday, January 14, 2013

Khadine's Favorite SKINCARE Products of 2012!

Happy Monday guys!  We're already 2 weeks into 2013, so this blog post is more than overdue...Lol.   I'm sharing all my favorite skincare products from 2012, which is essentially everything I use in my skincare routine (I have combination skin, in case you're wondering)Most of the products are organic and I have to order them online...but I'm looking to find alternatives I can buy in-store to save on shipping costs.  Click below to take a look.....

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Top Makeup Brushes (and 2 Cosmetic Sponges) I Used the Most in 2012! *Favorites*

Happy Monday guys! Your makeup is nothing without the right tools to apply them!  Sometimes you can successfully use your fingers to do a certain job (such as applying your favorite tinted moisturizer,) but at a certain point, you need the precision of a tool....your index finger just won't cut it every time!  Don't believe me?  Try creating a winged-out line.  Also, it's not always about the makeup brush...if you use the right type of cosmetic sponge, it can blend your foundation like a dream!  No lines or streaks.   Click below to see what were some of my favorite brushes in 2012 (plus the 2 cosmetic sponges I swear by).....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Khadine's Favorite Beauty Products of 2012 -- PART 2

And the list continues!  Check out the second half of my favorite products of 2012...this includes a brow pencil, concealer, bronzer, setting spray, cream liner, contouring powder and foundation.  Click below to see the products...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Khadine's Favorite Beauty Products of 2012 -- PART 1

Hola chicas!  Let's talk about all the great products I had the pleasure of using in 2012.  I narrowed it down to my top 14 beauty products and have listed the first 7 here (in no particular order).  The first on this list is a Bobbi Brown Corrector....but I don't use it for the reason you think I should.  Click below for the details plus the rest of my top picks for the year...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 5 Posts of 2012 (Topics: Beyonce, Celeb Makeup Tips, Contouring, Bronzers + More)!

Happy New Year everyone! :) ... Now that all the champagne fizz has settled, let's kick off 2013 by first acknowledging some favorites of 2012!  For the next few days I'll be featuring some of my favorite beauty products, brushes, and skincare items of yesteryear....and I want to hear about yours as well!

But first.... I'm going to share Cosmetic Passion's top 5 posts of 2012 based on YOU, the reader!  This list is based on the number of views on each blog post (thanks to google analytics for the stats).

Click below to take a look (do you agree that #1 should have been the most popular post?)....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's On My 2012 Christmas BEAUTY Wishlist!

Hello Beauties! It's less than a week before Christmas and I haven't yet done my Christmas shopping...have you?  I always like to first make a list of people I plan on getting presents for, and then next to their names, write the type of gift I'm getting them...but I haven't yet done the second part.  It gets way too overwhelming to shop without a plan, especially during this time with increasing crowds in stores everywhere.  On the flip side of things, though I might not have figured out what to get my fam and friends, I certainly know what I want on my list ;)....or for the purpose of this blog, my beauty wishlist!

Click below to see the 5 beauty items I'm lusting for this Christmas!...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rihanna's Red Carpet Look at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012!

Did you guys watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night?  I didn't get a chance to see it, but I certainly saw the photos of Rihanna on the red carpet and my first thought was: "she is ridiculously gorgeous"!  Of course, you have her genes to thank...but you can't deny that her makeup artist also did the damn thing (Mylah Morales, is that you??)!  Everything about her look was perfect.  You see the beautiful contour along her cheeks carried up into a warm halo around her forehead....the luminescent effect along her brow bone and cheekbones...the edgy, dark lipstick that goes so well with her personality...and just her overall gorgeousness!  I absolutely love this look...also, this lipstick color is very in season...and once again, Rihanna can do no wrong for me...Did I mention I was a fan? Lol

Click below for ideas on how to achieve this look + view more pics of Rihanna on the red carpet....


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