Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 5 Posts of 2012 (Topics: Beyonce, Celeb Makeup Tips, Contouring, Bronzers + More)!

Happy New Year everyone! :) ... Now that all the champagne fizz has settled, let's kick off 2013 by first acknowledging some favorites of 2012!  For the next few days I'll be featuring some of my favorite beauty products, brushes, and skincare items of yesteryear....and I want to hear about yours as well!

But first.... I'm going to share Cosmetic Passion's top 5 posts of 2012 based on YOU, the reader!  This list is based on the number of views on each blog post (thanks to google analytics for the stats).

Click below to take a look (do you agree that #1 should have been the most popular post?)....


Beyonce's Makeup at Rita Ora's Cartier Event....Slam or No Ma'am?

(1, 051 Views)

I'm a huge Beyonce fan...have been since she came out with Destiny's Child back in high school.  Funny the one post I have on her with not so favorable reviews is one of my most populur of 2012.  Can't wait to see her comeback in 2013, I'm sure she'll give us lots of good things to talk about!  Get 'em Bey!


My Thoughts on the Cover Girl Queen Collection EBONY Bronzer for Contouring

(1, 171 Views)

  Am I a fan of using bronzers to contour?  Read what I have to say about this specific bronzer that's popularly used by women of color.  


KHADINE WEIGHS IN: Contouring Not for Dark Skin Tones?


  I actually thought this would have been the most popular post of 2012.  At the time it was written, I was getting crazy amounts of views...more than I had ever gotten for any blog post in such a short period of time.  Wonder why?  Probably had to do with the fact that Temptalia re-posted on her blog (with my permission) and linked to the original article.  People seemed to really be invested in this topic and apparently appreciated my piece on it.  I received lots of positive comments (pretty sure this currently holds the record for the most comments I've received so far on any blog post).


MILANI MINERALS BLUSH: Luminous, Mai Tai, Sunset Beach & Sweet Rose **SWATCHES Included**

(2, 707 Views)

 I have no idea why this post would be the 2nd most popular of 2012!  Maybe because it's about a discontinued product that people REALLY love?? Who knows.... 

 And the Winner is......


Mario D: Makeup Tips, Techniques, Favorite Products & The Kardashians!

(7, 787 Views)

  Are you really surprised that a post filled with beauty tips from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist is #1? the link and read if you missed it!

What Cosmetic Passion blog post in 2012 was your personal favorite (doesn't have to be on this list)?


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