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The Top Makeup Brushes (and 2 Cosmetic Sponges) I Used the Most in 2012! *Favorites*

Happy Monday guys! Your makeup is nothing without the right tools to apply them!  Sometimes you can successfully use your fingers to do a certain job (such as applying your favorite tinted moisturizer,) but at a certain point, you need the precision of a tool....your index finger just won't cut it every time!  Don't believe me?  Try creating a winged-out line.  Also, it's not always about the makeup brush...if you use the right type of cosmetic sponge, it can blend your foundation like a dream!  No lines or streaks.   Click below to see what were some of my favorite brushes in 2012 (plus the 2 cosmetic sponges I swear by).....

1. Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush 
(Retail: $10)
  This is an absolutely amazing eyeshadow brush!  It picks up shadow really well and is perfect for packing on color onto the lid.  I received this as a part of a gift bag from Mario Dedivanovic's makeup workshop at the beginning of 2012.


2. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Brush 
(Retail: $32)
This has become my holy grail blending brush.  I use it to blend any eyeshadow I apply above my lids.... it's also a great tool for contouring the nose Be warned though, it costs a pretty penny... I was lucky enough to get it at a Kevyn Aucoin sample sale in 2011 for MUCH cheaper than the original price (I think I paid like $10).


3. Sedona Lace Flat Synthetic Eye Brush (EB 11) 
*From Makeup By RenRen's Vortex Collection*
(Retail: $8.95)
This brush is from Makeup By RenRen's Vortex Collection for Sedona Lace (I bought the set but you can now purchase the brushes individually).  I use it to apply shadow to my browboneAnd when I say this is what I reached for EVERY TIME I added a highlight color to my brows...there's no exaggeration.


4.  Sedona Lace Angled Detail Eye Brush (EB 23
*From Makeup by RenRen's Vortex Collection*

(Retail: $8.95)
This brush is also from Makeup By RenRen's Sedona Lace Vortex CollectionI tried to use it to create my winged-out cat eye look, but I found it wasn't precise enough for me to use (the bristles tend to scatter after a while).  I ended up using it to define my brows with concealer...and I love it for that purpose!


 5. MUD #210 Angled Eyeliner Brush 
(Retail: $16)
Now this is my favorite brush to use for that winged-out liner effect.  Every time I need to apply a cream or gel liner to myself or a client, this is what I reach for.  The bristles are tightly packed and it's thin enough for me to be as precise as I want to be...thin or thick line.


 6.  Crown Smudger/Oval Fluff (C156
(Retail: $6.70)
  I use the bigger end of this 2-sided brush to apply the highlight color to none other than my tear ducts!  I love the fact that it's small enough to get in there and do the job without bumping into my nose or something...Lol


7. Sedona Lace Jumbo Fan Brush (FB 01) 
*From Makeup by RenRen's Vortex Collection*
(Retail: $12.95)

 This fan brush is also from Makeup By RenRen's Sedona Lace Vortex Collection.  I use it to apply shimmer to my cheekbones (for the highlight).  The shape of this fan brush is perfect for the job.  It's a pretty good quality brush, I used it all year (in 2012) and I haven't noticed any shedding.


8. Beauty Blender
(Retail: $19.95 each)
I can't believe I haven't yet written a review on the beauty blender!  It's my favorite makeup sponge ever!  This is what I most often used to apply my foundation in almost made my brushes obsolete.  I must make it my duty to write an individual review of this in the near future.


9. Alcone Non-Latex Sponges
(Retail: $2.50 for pack of 8 wedges)
I love these sponges!  If the beauty blender is the winner, then my Alcone sponges are the runner-ups.  I often used these sponges to apply my Black Opal Stick foundation.

What were some of your Favorite Brushes/ Makeup Sponges in 2012?


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