Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Did for My Birthday Weekend (Plus My Short Reflection on Getting Older)!

Hello there! How's everyone doing?  Hope you all had a fab weekend.  Mine was very eventful for more reasons than one, but especially because I celebrated my twenty-uhhhh birthday (I'm still in my 20's, that's all you need to know :p )!  I seriously don't know where time my mind, I'm at least 5 years younger!  It's like once you turn 18 or 21, the years start to race ahead.  But I must say that I'm definitely wiser and that I'm grateful for.  I still have more learning/practicing of life lessons to do...for instance, actually living in the seems so simple, such a beautiful notion...but applying it to daily life doesn't come so easily (especially when things get hectic).  Or, accepting each and every one of my flaws.  How many of us can say we actually do?  That's something to work on.  As much as I love makeup and beauty and glamour and the works, I think it's even more important to do the inner work.  No, I know it's more important.  Beauty inside and out is the goal

Anywhooo, see that photo above?  That's me heading out to meet a group of friends for my birthday brunch on Sunday.  I had dinner the night before in Harlem, which was great...and then Sunday I continued the food fest (I love a good meal)...Click below for more photos.....

Ready to Head Out!

In the Cab...Almost There
Heading to Peaches in Brooklyn for brunch
I'm rocking Ruby Woo on the lips...and I used my favorite (but unfortunately discontinued) cream liner to create the winged out /cat eye look.

Moment I've been Waiting For :p
I had the Jim Cade breakfast from Peaches (the french toast & roasted potatoes were delish)

Random sighting: celeb makeup artist, Terrell Mullin, leaving the spot soon after I arrived!

After Brunch, Candid Moment w/One of My Friends...
Don't remember what was so funny but I like this captured moment :)

We Hung Out for a Few Hours Afterwards...

But the day must come to an end right? And so must this blog post :p

Thanks for reading <3



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