Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonder Who's Doing Nene's Makeup These Days?

Have you guys seen Nene lately?  I'm asking for good reason....I couldn't help but notice how flawless her makeup looked in these photos taken over the weekend (courtesy: Talking with Tami).  Nene is pictured above at her shoe release party where she unveiled a new pair of heels called the "Nethia" (Nene's real name is Lenethia, so you can guess where she got the inspiration).  Now normally, people have a lot to say about Nene's (and a couple of her Housewives of Atlanta co-stars') makeup choices...mostly referring to their love for the frosty brow highlight...but it seems like Nene has left those days behind.  Her makeup is on point!  Which begs the question...has she switched makeup artists?  Who has been doing her makeup these days?  I want to know!

Speaking of being on point, Nene wasn't the only one looking fab...her Real Housewives of Atlanta partner in crime aka model, Cynthia Bailey, was also on hand to celebrate...and her face was flawless as well! Click below for the photo....

Nene holding her new shoe design, "Nethia," alongside model (& RHOA co-star) Cynthia Bailey
What do you think?  Are you also loving Nene's makeup?

On a side note, those shoes are cute! I would totally wear them (Go Nene)!

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