Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm Back: My Adventures in COSTA RICA!! (Lots of Photos)

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica .... Enjoying the Sunset on My First Night
Hello Darlings! .... I didn't tell you where I was going beforehand, but I'm back.... from Costa Rica!!  I had a lot of fun. Good company. Just an overall pleasant experience.  When I came back earlier this week, I was still a little sore from doing "adventure activities" such as zip lining (boy did they strap me in...I felt the harness squeezing in every crevice...and I mean EVERY crevice), tubing (hit a couple of rocks going down the river), and horse-back riding (well, I opted out of this one, but my friends went ahead and had enough fun for me).  I also got to walk across a hanging bridge (which swung with pretty much every step we of my friends wasn't feeling it AT ALL but I thought it was cool).  When I got to the other side of the hanging bridge I was greeted with a mud bath (my skin felt so smooth and silky afterwards) and natural volcanic hot springs.  Fun times...

Click below to check out tons of photos .....

 Wanna See the Hanging Bridge?...
Yup, it definitely swung from side-to-side as we trekked across.


OMG, Did I mention I saw this HUGE lizard strolling down the walkway of my hotel as I lay on my beach chair taking in the ocean?? O_O ..... What is this anyway? An iguana? I don't even know!  I went to the front desk to inquire but they didn't know the English word for it.
Dear Lord, what in the world is this...and what has he come for??  #Tourists

Yeah, I pretty much took this picture and RAN!  You see him looking at me??  I didn't come to Costa Rica to get snatched up by some REPTILE!! Lol

A couple that was there told us they spotted either an ALLIGATOR or CROCODILE sometime earlier O_O.... Apparently there's a nearby river that harbors a whole bunch of reptiles....and every now and then they venture out *gulp*.


11 year old boy handling BUSINESS!!.... This was taken near Playa Conchal as we walked along this black sand beach.

Din Din!! :)
Fried Red Snapper and Plantanos on the Menu! :) ......We met a Costa Rican friend that took us for dinner and drinks at The Monkey Bar in Flamingo.  He's such a sweetie pie! :)

Zip Lining Baby!

So I went zip lining for the VERY FIRST TIME!  I've been wanting to go to Costa Rica for a few years now, and I always told myself if I were to ever make the trip that I had to zip line!  Kept my promise

Strapped up and ready to go...I was nervous...don't let that smile fool you.
Can you believe this was the FIRST of a SERIES of zip lines? Can you even see where this thing ends? O_O

The mountain view while zipping over the canopy

Me Swinging like much fun!!!

We Zip Lined Over Canyons too!!....
We zipped over water too...

I zoomed in to get a better I'm actually higher up than it looks (in quite a few of these photos)

See the ropes? That's for US to swing through! :)

Isn't this such a BEAUTIFUL view?  They were telling me not to look down but I wanted to take it ALL in!! :)

 That's It Folks!
Last Dinner in Costa Rica with the girlies!

CHEERS to Good  Times!! :)

Hope you enjoyed!  Have YOU ever been to Costa Rica?  What part?  What was YOUR Experience like there? Please Share Below! :)


Khadine <3

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