Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Top Celeb Makeup Inspirations So Far this Spring!

By now you've experienced all the buzz surrounding Think Like A Man, the romantic comedy based on Steve Harvey's similarly titled NY Times best-selling book about the ever so complicated world of relationships.  I haven't seen it as yet, but being that it won the #1 spot at the box office this past weekend, plus the fact that I've been hearing pretty good reviews, I think that might be my next movie expedition!  Last Saturday I went to the movies but I opted for Bob Marley's new documentary instead.  Anyhow, what I really want to talk about is Adrienne Bailon's makeup at the NYC screening of Think Like A Man. Have you soon these photos??  Her makeup here gives me LIFE!  How flawless is everything...her nose is perfectly contoured...the brows are soft, yet defined...the shimmery coral lips and cheeks complement her bronzed skin tone and adds further warmth along with her fiery red's just perfect!  Who's to credit for this (my guess would be Mario Dedivanovic)??  Whoever it is, you are simply amazing!  This look definitely makes my list for one of the most inspiring this Spring.

Click below to see what other celeb makeup looks have me in awe....

Brandy & Monica on the set of "It All Belongs To Me"

Brandy and these two!  They've been working the circuit these past few weeks in promotion of their latest joint single, It All Belongs to Me.  They haven't done a collaboration since The Boy is Mine, which tore up the airwaves back in 1998.  Boy did I play the heck out of that song!  I played the single from Brandy's Never Say Never album, but would always fight my cousin to sing Monica's part. Lol... While I'm nowhere near as fond of It All Belongs to Me (in fact, I'm not fond of it at all) as I was of The Boy is Mine, I have to say that their makeup in this video is exquisite!  It looks like their whole face is, eyeshadow, everything (especially Brandy in the photo above with that perfectly blended smokey eye and those brows)!  A.J. Crimson, was that your doing??

I also loved Brandy in this scene below where she rocked the purple lips....her hair looks fab as well!
These are the sort of things that get me excited about makeup artistry and challenge me to step up my game! 

 Rita Ora at Cartier After-Party on April 12th 

I don't really know much about Rita Ora...except she's a cool British gal (from the few clips I've seen) and her image is strikingly (almost scarily) similar to pop star Rihanna's.   However, she's been getting a lot of attention from the press lately and was photo'd looking absolutely stunning at this recent event pictured above.

I love her bold statement lips...the red is a great contrast against her all-black dress.  I also loved the way they highlighted her cheekbones.  Gorgeous!

 Rihanna on the May 2012 Cover of Elle Magazine

And then there's Rihanna.... aka Bad Gal RiRi (as she calls herself on instagram)... who can do no wrong for me.  And I'm talking about makeup, hair, and wardrobe people...not lifestyle! ..... Anyway, fierce is not the word to describe this one...Well, maybe it is (that was most likely the word that came to mind when I saw this magazine cover, but it's so overused)!  Her violet lips work perfectly with her neon yellow outfit.  I even like her hair too (though it's gotten a lot of negative feedback for its ultra dark roots) ...and of course, none of this would be possible-- meaning she wouldn't be able to pull this off so effortlessly-- without her infamous attitude... or swag (yes, another overused word).  Love it Rih!

That's about it for now y'aaaall (in my best Southern drawl)....What has been some of your favorite celeb makeup looks as of late?



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