Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cute Blog Award/ Khadine Answers 8 Random Questions!

Happy Tuesday Beauties!!  ...Hope you all are well! Last night I went to see the one and only OPRAH at Radio City Music Hall for a live taping of her Lifeclass I'm feeling pretty good this morning! :)....Anyhow, thought it would be fitting to start off the day with an equally cheery post.   Miss Tati from In Pursuit of Beautiful kindly tagged me for the Cute Blog Award

For this award, I answer a few random questions about myself....some makeup-related, some not.  Click below to hear what I have to say....

1. What is your go-to makeup brand?  
I don't really have a go-to makeup brand, I use whatever works for the particular task I'm doing.  I love Revlon's ColorStay foundation for longwear purposes...I love MAC's lip products mostly because they smell good :)....I love Kevyn Aucoin for their great-coverage concealer....I love Maybelline for their affordable brow pencils ... and the list goes on...

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?  
I really liked the color-blocking trend...At first, I didn't see what the big deal was, but I've grown to love the look and NOW I'm ready to try it! Lol #LateBloomer
See, isn't this purrty :) ... I believe this is from a Rachel Roy collection.

3. What is your favorite dessert?  
I LOVE red velvet cupcakes :) .... I also love cookies n' cream (with Oreos) ice-cream.  I'm sure this list could continue, but I'll just end it here.
Yummy Red Velvet :)
4. Favorite color?  
Purple!!! :)

5. Middle name? 
I'll never tell!! ;) .... But I will say that I like my first name (Khadine) and my middle name as a pair.  I just love how they sound together!  I always thought it would be perfect as a stage name....but I'm not famous, nor am I a performer....sooooooo...there goes that! Lol

6. What is the last song you listened to? 
Usher's Nice & Slow....Whooo CLASSIC!! least for us 20-somethings...Lol

7. Cats or Dogs? 
Definitely dogs! I do NOT like cats...they don't look trust-worthy...Lol

How adorable is this?? :)... (picture source).

8. Something you didn’t know about me
I'm growing my hair out (aka transitioning)!  I haven't relaxed my hair since August of 2011, and I'm trying to see how long I can go without doing it.  My real goal is to have a full head of LONG, THICK, HEALTHY HAIR...and I think the best way to get there is to go natural (Kimmaytube gave me hope! Lol).  

That's all folks! I now pass this award on to every fabulous blogger that's now reading this post!! <3
*Don't forget to leave the link to your post below if you do decide to participate!! :)*

Take care for now,


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