Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beyonce's Makeup at Rita Ora's Cartier Event....Slam or No Ma'am?

Remember my 3 Mistakes Made by Makeup Newbies to Avoid at All Costs post?  Remember I warned you against wearing bright colored lipstick while neglecting to line or define the eyes??  Well, this photo of *gulp* Beyonce, Queen Bey, is the unfortunate example of EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  Beyonce rarely takes a bad photo, but this choice of makeup has apparently allowed her to do the unthinkable!  This is NOT the Queen Bey I know!   Is this some new Spring trend or editorial look that I haven't caught onto?  I doubt that.  If Beyonce were going for a high fashion look, her wardrobe would also be in on the theme (and clearly she looks more comfortable than anything put it nicely).  I'm not sure what's going on here, but I definitely think this whole look is a miss!  A miss for her back yard? No.  For a public event? YES!....especially for Bey.

Click below for more photos and the rest of my thoughts....
*photo source: necolebitchie*

Let's go back to the idea of this being some new editorial look that Bey is experimenting with.  Do you think this is the case?  Even so, it's not working!  Bey looks tired :(

Another pic of Bey at the Cartier Afterparty where Rita Ora Performed

Now let's go back to the original point I was trying to make (nope, it wasn't to tear down Beyonce for having one bad makeup day).

My Real Message..... 
When you wear a bold color like red on your lips, and you neglect to pay any attention whatsoever to your eyes, you either look:

1) Tired


2) Like you've only half-finished your makeup. 

No, I'm serious.  This is the way I look when I dash out my house like a mad woman in the mornings.  What I tend to do when I'm pressed for time, is apply the main things like foundation, powder, blush etc. and leave the smaller things like liner and mascara for my train ride to work!  So for those few blocks from my house to the subway...and maybe while waiting on the platform...I look half-cute and half-a-hot-mess! Lol....Kidding!....But I do look incomplete (because I am)!

Get it? Please don't make the same mistake! Check out this post again if you need more explanation.

She doesn't look that bad in this photo, but it's still not the Bey we're used to!

That's all for now!

What say you my dears? Is Beyonce's look something fresh and new?  Or is it as bad as I make it out to be? Lol

p.s. Still love you Bey!



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