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OVERDUE REVIEW: Mario Dedivanovic's First NYC Workshop!

Hey guys! Remember a few months ago when I told you that Kim Kardashian's makeup artist (Mario Dedivanovic) was hosting an NYC workshop?  Well, the workshop took place like 10 moons ago (January 7th of this year), and I was definitely in attendance.  I took plenty of notes, snapped quite a few photos, and learned some techniques that I will soon share with you.  Why am I just now writing a recap?  Well, I wasn't exactly pleased with certain aspects of the event.  On the one hand, I was inspired because Mario did such an amazing job during the demo portion of the workshop, but yet was also disappointed because he didn't follow through with everything that was advertised.

Below, you'll find my of Adrienne Bailon (his model/celebrity guest)....and other random pics from the event.  Click below to continue...

Quite a few people registered for the workshop (held at The Metropolitan Pavilion)...I would say, at least 75! This was a bit of a surprise to me and others I spoke seems most people were expecting a smaller group.

I Love the fact that Mario....
Meticulously walked us through his process of creating a glamorous red carpet look (I will share some of his steps in a follow-up post).  He started with a bare-faced Adrienne Bailon (sorry, we weren't allowed to take photos during the process) and worked his magic layer by layer, revealing his much sought-after techniques.  He showed us his method of applying Kim Kardashian's under-eye concealer, how he he gives her those lush lashes, and of course, those perfectly contoured cheeks.  I was totally inspired!

Mario did an amazing job on Adrienne.

My disappointment came when...
He didn't do a second demonstration, despite advertising that as part of the package.  Did I really pay $450 to only receive HALF of what was promised??  Their reason for not doing the second half of the workshop was that they ran out of time (we started over an hour late)...but this is not acceptable to me. 

I get that we started around 1pm instead of 12pm as scheduled...but why not manage the remaining time accordingly to compensate for this fact?  If the workshop must end promptly at 5pm, then maybe lunch should have been shorter....or (though I appreciate Mario's patience) the time spent taking photos on the red carpet should have been limited.  Why wasn't anyone keeping pace?

Then in the end, there weren't enough gift bags to go around for everyone (but this is a separate story unto itself).  To be fair, they did eventually mail those a few weeks later.  There were a few other glitches as well, but I don't wish to go over the fine details at this point.  I'm over it.  I just thought I owed it to my readers to give an honest (albeit quick) review especially since I previously blogged about the event.

The Gift Bags.

Items included in my gift bag (I later received a Sigma brush set that is not pictured here).

Final Thoughts:
I would definitely love to have another learning experience with Mario Dedivanovic.  I admire his work, and aspire to someday reach his level of expertise.  However, I doubt I'd be willing to pay for another workshop organized by Atelier of Beauty.   If an established event organizer, such as the Makeup Show invites him as a featured artist (like they've done for the Makeup Show LA this year), then I'd be totally on board!  If not, then I can't fork up another $450 without the guarantee that what is advertised is exactly what will be delivered.

Some More Photos.... 
Mario D. and Adrienne Bailon after the demonstration.
Mario with his sisters.

Mario with Daneen of popular beauty blog, Spoiled Pretty.

Adrienne Bailon and I during the lunch break.

Please stay tuned for the follow-up to this post which will feature MARIO'S MAKEUP TIPS, techniques, favorite products + more!!

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