Monday, February 6, 2012

My Thoughts on the Cover Girl Queen Collection EBONY Bronzer for Contouring

Coming off the discussion of whether or not dark skin should be contoured, I thought it would be appropriate to follow-up with a post on a product that is often recommended for this purpose: the CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer in Ebony Bronze.  I've had it in mind to talk about my experience with this bronzer ever since I stopped wearing it a few months back, and this topic just brought it to the forefront once again.   Why'd I stop wearing it?  Well, I didn't think it was appropriate to be used for contouring.  It may have other uses, but contouring isn't the most ideal least for me.  Here's why....

CoverGirl Queen Collection Ebony Bronze is a deep brown color with very red undertones.  In addition, it has shimmer.  Not heavy shimmer, but there's shimmer none the less.  Because of this combination, it causes me to have a weird glow in photos.

CoverGirl Queen Collection Ebony Bronze.  Do you see the shimmer?

Most experts recommend using a matte color 2 to 3 shades darker than your skin tone to contour.  Ebony Bronze passes the "darker" test, but the fact that it has so much red is a problem.  The idea behind contouring is to mimic shadows, and you do this by using a darker shade that has a similar undertone to your own.  I have a more golden as opposed to red undertone, so Ebony Bronze isn't natural-looking on me.  Let me show you a photo (taken from a previous post) where I'm wearing it along the perimeter of my forehead and beyond:

Me wearing Cover Queen Collection Ebony Bronze as Contour (forehead, nose, hollows of my cheeks)
Do you see that reddish-orange color along my hairline (is "reddish" even a word :p)?  Doesn't it look a bit off?  I'm also wearing Ebony Bronze  in the hollows of my cheeks but you can barely distinguish it from my blush because they have such similar hues.  It's nice to have a "glow" but this is NOT natural.  Though I must say, it looked better in person (see the video still below)...I actually got a few compliments on my makeup that day .  Anyhow, I believe it's the shimmer contained in the product that causes this exaggerated glow in my photos.  And that's another thing, shimmers reflect light.  Should your contour be reflecting anything??

I'm wearing Cover Girl Queen Collection's Ebony Bronze in this video (no weird reddish-orange glow like in my photos)

Some people swear by this bronzer, and that's fine, what works for for you!  .... I have nothing against it, I just won't be using it to contour.  Not on myself, not on my clients.  I don't care if something looks great in person, if I see anything strange or funny going on in photographs (as with my Makeup Forever HD Powder)...I'm done.

Ebony Bronze swatched on my hand.

On the bright side, here's what I will use the CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer in Ebony Bronze for:

1) As a crease color.  I love using it in my crease (blended upwards) adds warmth and depth when I'm going for that naked eye look.  For some reason, it just works.

2) Perhaps as a blush (though I rarely wear darker blushes).  I think it's okay to use this product on my cheeks....but not along my forehead/temples! :p

... yeah, that's about it for now.

Tell me about your experience with the CoverGirl Queen Collection Ebony you use it to contour?

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