Thursday, February 9, 2012

The First Beauty Sample from MY SHADE OF BROWN Has Arrived!

Before you decide whether or not to get excited, you probably want to know what exactly My Shade of Brown is, right?  Well I'll answer that for ya!    My Shade of Brown considers itself to be the first of its kind to offer monthly beauty samples tailored specifically to women of color.  Now isn't that exciting?  You often hear brown-skinned beauties complain about being overlooked by cosmetics companies and the like...and here you have a brand new subscription-based service with said beauties in mind!  At this point you're wondering what's in that pretty brown box pictured above, aren't you?  There's a mixture of 5 cosmetic and skincare products including a foundation sample and fragranced body butter.  Click below for photos, descriptions and my first impression of each product....

The 5 Items I received in My Shade of Brown's first Pillow Box (I was lucky enough to be 1 of 200 individuals to receive this inaugural box for free).

A Closer Look at Each Item + My First Impressions:

1.  Big Girl Cosmetics - Lip Shine in Blossom (#50)
This "sample" is actually a full-size product (which is nice )!  Blossom is the shade I received and it's a pretty, pink color...very girly.  It has a bit of frost, so I'll probably be wearing it with a plum lip liner.

2. Georgia by G and Company - Luxury Skin Wash
This Luxury Skin Wash (aka body wash) is made from all natural products.  It gives a decent lather, but not enough for me to replace my regular body soap.  I'm sure it'll come in handy to throw in my bag for overnight stays though.  In terms of fragrance, It doesn't state which of the samples I received, but based on the smell I'm sure they sent the Lemongrass Eucalyptus.  The fragrance is a bit strong, but I kind of like it.  Usually I shy away from overpowering fragrances (allergy/sinus issues), but this one hasn't been problematic so far (maybe it's that natural touch?). 

3. Lamik Beauty - True Mineral Powder in Light Caramel

At first glance I thought, "oh no! It's too light"....but when I swatched it on my skin, it blended in perfectly well...didn't look ashy or anything! Plus it felt so silky!  I then used it the next day (applied with my Sigma Kabuki brush)...nothing looked out of the norm. Maybe it's translucent?  Anyhow, I must warn...I took a picture to see how it photographs and the powder looked a little mask-y on camera :( ...Now back to my original thought that the shade is too light for me...or could it just be the fact that it's a mineral powder (they aren't known to be ideal for flash photography). Not sure.

4. Yana Cosmetics - Foundation (#9)
This foundation has a nice seems to be halfway between a liquid and a cream.  I unfortunately wasn't able to do a test trial because this shade is too dark for my complexion (and too light to use as contour).  The website says #9 would match someone that's around Oprah's complexion, but I'm probably closer to Queen Latifah's (who they also list as a celebrity reference).

5. Pooka Pure and Simple - Guava Mango Body Butter  
And last, but certainly not least...the Guava Mango Body Butter!  This product smells sooooo good!!  If you like that fruity, YUMMY smell...then you'll LOVE this!  One thing to note, it may not be made of ALL natural products (which one may assume).  The website lists "fragrances" as an ingredient, and that's very general...could mean a variety of things.  Just thought I'd mention.

I think My Shade of Brown is off to a great start! ... I liked each and every one of the products in the first pillow box (save the foundation since I wasn't able to wear it).  And if I had to choose a favorite, I think I'd go with Pooka's Mango and Guava Body Butter! Coming in at a close second would be Lamik Beauty's Mineral Powder (if I pretended the photo mishap didn't occur).  In any case, My Shade of Brown has a great idea going...and for those who feel that there aren't enough companies catering to women of's a solution to consider!

For further details, check out My Shade of Brown's website.

  What do you think?  Is this something you're willing to give a try?

Thanks for reading my loves! ...see you in my next post....


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