Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Grammys: Best Makeup Looks!

Wow, what a weekend!  First and foremost, my sympathy goes out to Whitney Houston's family and friends....especially her daughter Bobbi Kristina and mother, Cissy Houston. Very sad.  Whitney was definitely an icon...the golden standard for what a true vocalist should be.  And to her family, I'm sure she was so much more.  

In the midst of mourning, the music world moved forward in a celebratory spirit to honor those that offered us great music in the past year.  And none was more celebrated than the awesomely talented British vocalist known as Adele.  She swept up 6 Grammys (which was well-deserved) and wowed the crowd with her comeback performance.  Not to mention, her makeup was simply classic and of the best looks of the night! Don't you agree?  Click below to see some of my other picks...

Rihanna is devastatingly gorgeous!  This clean, bronzed skin is everything!  Her navy blue rimmed eyes are nothing short of sexy and her understated lips are just perfect.  And though most would disagree, I kinda like the hair too ... I'm not sure what her inspiration was, but I'm seeing Farrah Fawcett.  By the way, Rihanna just confirmed via twitter that Mylah Morales was the makeup artist behind this! LOVE!

Kelly Osbourne
Doesn't Kelly look so pretty?  I'm glad she kept things light and girly....the gray-ish/lavender hair is already giving that edge.  But you know what though?  I can't even be mad, it works for me!

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson did an awesome job performing a simple, yet touching last minute tribute to Miss Whitney.  I was actually startled for a sec in the beginning because she sounded just like her.  Apart from her vocals, I also noticed that JHud's makeup was flawless and GLOWY! Loved it!  Definitely one of the best looks of the night (minus the lacefront hairline).

Melanie Fiona
I don't think Melanie Fiona received that much press, but she definitely caught my attention with her makeup look!  Love the thick, winged liner...nude lips...and again, bronzed skin.  Her makeup artist, Saisha Beecham, did an amazing job!  If you're wondering what product she used to give her that glow, Saisha tweeted that NYX Ultra Pearl Loose Mania in Minx is to thank.

Katy Perry
I love me some Katy Perry! She has a great voice and makes great pop music for us to dance to!  I also loved her makeup last night...the thick lashes, the brows, the pink lips...even loved her blue hair! 

Cyndi Lauper 
I know, I know...Cyndi Lauper doesn't seem like a very likely candidate to be placed in a "Best Makeup Look" category, but you know what...I really thought she looked great!  The purple eyes went well with the black and platinum blond hair...I thought she had a great color scheme going.  I also like the gold on her lips.  It wouldn't be Cyndi Lauper if there wasn't a bit of edge to her look.


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