Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 2012 BET Honors: Makeup Winners!

Did you guys watch the 2012 BET Honors last week?  I did, and I must say that it was very well done!  Since I'm writing this post way after the fact, I'm going to jump straight into it and bring you my fave makeup looks of the night...starting with Miss Kelly Rowland!  Loved the makeup AND hair....that big, curly style really suits her! I remember this was her signature look for Destiny's Child's final go-round.  Glad she brought it back.  On another note, can I just say that purple is definitely Kelly's color!  I loved how her makeup artist matched the dress by adorning her eyes and lips using various shades of purple...who says being matchy-matchy has to be tacky!?  Kelly looks gorgeous!  Not sure who's behind this makeup look, but I would place my bet on Latasha Wright...looks like something she would I know she loves adding that strip of color along the bottom lash line.  Click below for my other top makeup looks (no special order)......

Jill Scott is such a pretty lady! Her makeup was very clean and simple, but nothing short of beautiful.  By the way, I just noticed how thick her brows were...just goes to show that not everyone has to go for that sculpted brow look...this works perfectly fine on her! Love this new edgy hairstyle as well!

Sooooo....confession time: I have no idea who Kat Graham is!..... but she looked pretty damn gorgeous on that red carpet!  I had to google her to find out that she is or was a cast member in The Vampire Diaries (as well as a few other shows) and that she's also a singer.  Anywho, had to add her to this list because....look at her...she deserves it!  She's working that vampy red lip...her face is flawless and her brows are perfectly defined.

Then you have Gabrielle Union...smokey eyes...lots of lashes...what's not to love?  My first thought was that she gets my vote for best makeup look for this event...but she has some pretty good contenders, now I can't decide! Lol


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