Monday, January 30, 2012

MILANI MINERALS BLUSH: Luminous, Mai Tai, Sunset Beach & Sweet Rose **SWATCHES Included**

Hello Darlings!  .... Are you guys aware that CVS is having a 75% off sale on Milani Cosmetics??  I found out through Glam Morena this weekend and hauled a** to my nearest CVS to stock up on whatever goodies I could find.  I picked up all 4 colors in the Milani Minerals blush collection, plus a couple of extras to be used for future giveaways. I ended up saving a total of $33.24 with my purchase!! Isn't that amazing? ..... Click below for SWATCHES....

These are all the items I bought:

A Closer Look.....
Luminous (left) and Sweet Rose (right)

Luminous is a sheer, pinky/peach color with gold shimmer.  It's said to be a great dupe for NARS Orgasm.  If you're fair-skinned (or a light-skinned woman of color, i.e. Rihanna) this should be a gorgeous blush! However, if you're of a darker complexion this would probably be better-suited as a highlight (at least, based on the swatches I did on myself).

Sweet Rose is a cool-toned, matte, pinky/mauve color.  I wasn't too excited about it, but I saw a couple of good reviews, so figured it didn't hurt to try...especially for the price!

Sunset Beach (left)  and Mai Tai (right)

Sunset Beach is a nice, warm, matte orangey color.  It should look great on dark/tanned complexions.

Mai Tai is a beautiful, matte, deep coral shade. I'm sure this would complement a variety of skin tones.  I can't wait to wear it!

On to the SWATCHES.....
Left to Right: Luminous, Sweet Rose, Sunset Beach, and Mai Tai

Please note: Luminous is more SHEER in person than it appears in the photos.  I swatched HEAVILY to ensure the pigment showed up on camera.

Closer Inspection....
Left to Right: Luminous, Sweet Rose, Sunset Beach, and Mai Tai

Looking at the swatches, which would you say is your favorite??


Original Price: $7.39 each
Sale Price: $1.85 each

I bought a total of 6 blushes for $12.09....which means I saved a whopping $33.24....Whoa!

If you're a fan of these blushes or have been thinking about trying them, RUN to your nearest CVS! Products will not be re-stocked, so get it while you can (Nouveau Cheap has an extensive list of the items that are discounted).

Anyway, I'm sure you'll soon be seeing me wear some of these blushes in future Look of the Day posts! ;)

Till next time....
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