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REVIEW: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Hey Chicas! I know Revlon ColorStay Makeup has been reviewed a bazillion, trillion times, but I can't help but share my enthusiasm for this product as well!   This foundation is hands-down one of my ALL TIME ever!  I will have mini affairs and secret rendez-vous with all kinds of other foundations (yes, I can be a product whore), but I always come back to my one true love....because it never fails me.  You've seen me wear it in quite a few of my Look of the Day posts (like Summertime Barbie Pink Lips or the one I wrote surrounding this year's Fashion's Night Out NYC)...I just can't get enough!   Here are the 6 REASONS WHY I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION so much + the ONE FAULT that I find ......

You can watch my video review....or if you prefer to read, continue below:


1. The Color Match

My perfect shade is Caramel in the Combination/Oily Skin formula.  This is a brown color with yellow undertones, and is a pretty good match for my complexion! Here's a tutorial of me applying it during a typical foundation routine.

The product line offers about 20 different shades from Ivory to Mocha, so you should be able to find your shade as well....not to mention that there's a whole separate formula for people with Normal/Dry Skin.  Just be mindful of the fact that the colors don't necessarily correlate between formulas.  For instance, the Caramel in the Normal/Dry Skin formula is lighter than the one in the Combination/Oily Skin even if my skin type were to change, I wouldn't be able to just switch over and use the same shade.

Me Wearing Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Caramel, set with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark.

2. The Finish

My Combination/Oily Skin formula gives me a nice MATTE finish!  This helps to keep the shine (from my oily T-zone) at bay for a lot longer.

3. The Wearability

This is definitely a longwear foundation!  Even though I can't back-up Revlon's claim that it will stay looking fresh for up to 16 hours, I do know that it lasts a lot longer than the average foundation.  I reach for this product most often when I'm going out because I know I don't have to worry about it prematurely dissolving.

4. The Coverage

I think for a liquid, this foundation gives great coverage!  I usually wear it as a medium coverage foundation, but if you want fuller coverage, it's definitely buildable

Plus, it's lightweight!  I never feel like I'm wearing a lot of makeup, even when I apply a little extra for greater coverage.

5. It's Transfer Resistant

This foundation is transfer resistant, which means I don't have to worry about going to a function -- or on a hot date ;) -- hugging someone, and leaving my mark all over their shirt!  I'd rather leave a different kind of impression

6. The Price

I paid $12.99 at  CVS (one of my favorite drugstores) for this product, and have seen it at Duane Reade for $ the price range is in the lower teens.  This is awesome considering the fact that it functions so well and can legitimately compete (in terms of quality) with higher end products.


 1. How It Photographs (At Times)

I noticed that at times, it shows up a little too light in my photos....but this is only when I set with translucent powder.  Whenever I set with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Dark,"  I don't usually have that problem.  So really, I'm not sure if this even counts! Lol


The Revlon ColorStay Foundation is a great product, period.  It rivals many higher end/department store products in quality, and stands up to pretty much all its claims.  The fact that you can purchase it at your nearest drugstore at an affordable rate is just an added plus. 

What has YOUR experience with Revlon Colorstay Foundation been like?  Tell me your shade and whether you use the Combination/Oily or Normal/Dry formula!



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