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My Kissable Couture Haul & (Super Honest) Review *Swatches and Pics Included*

So this past weekend was my first time trying out Kissable Couture (a line of lip glosses co-created by celebrity makeup artist, AJ Crimson).  I purchased it as part of my Holiday Pop-Up Shop haul, though I had no intention of buying any lip glosses at all.  What coerced me into picking up a couple of these items was seeing AJ Crimson's seminar in which he used Kissable Couture in "Fantasies" (an intense red) to instantly glamorize his model's look.  I was immediately sold.  I bought two products: the aforementioned gloss in "Fantasies" and the Kissable Couture Smooches I Mini Lip Gloss Set

Now I've gotta be honest, I wasn't as thrilled with the mini lip gloss set as I was with the individual gloss in this review will be a "mixed bag," if you will.   


Kissable Couture Smooches I Mini Lip Gloss Set (left)  & Kissable Couture Lip Gloss in "Fantasies" (right)

Let's Begin.......



 Left to Right: Dreams, Dylan, Johnny, Honesty, Forest *Without Flash*

 Left to Right: Dreams, Dylan, Johnny, Honesty, Forest *With Flash*

My Descriptions

Dreams- sheer, pale pink (no shimmer)
Dylan- similar to Dreams...except it's a deeper pink with shimmer
Johnny- very close to Dylan...but a little darker (medium pink) with chunkier pieces of shimmer
Honesty- nude brown with a little shimmer.
Forest- red with shimmer.

What I Like About the Set:

1. Dreams smells really good!

2. Cute really draws you in.

What I Don't Like About the Set:

Where do I begin?....

1.  This is NOT a "Mini"....It's a SAMPLE SIZE...Seriously.

I have never seen a lip gloss this small in my life (for those of you who are into measurements, it's 2.4 g or 0.08 oz each).  I couldn't really tell from looking at the package that they were so small, but boy was I in for a surprise when I got home and opened it!  To give you a scale, I measured it against my thumb....and my thumb was clearly the winner in this competition! Lol

I spoke to another makeup artist after the Pop-Up Shop and she mentioned that she had bought two sets but regretted it...I asked her why and she responded: "have you opened the package yet"?.... But at the time I hadn't....Needless to say, now I know why.

2. The Price.

Considering the fact that the set comes with 5 sample-sized glosses, I'm in disbelief that the retail price is $32.  Yes, I mentioned in my Pop-Up Shop post that I paid $15...and I did....but even $15 seems like a stretch for the amount of product that you're getting.  I just can't see how one can justify that price point.  Granted, I personally don't think that lip glosses should be more than $10...ideally, they should be 7 bucks and under (with a few exceptions).  However, I do think I'm justified in being utterly disappointed with this purchase. By the way, I'm very well aware that this is supposed to be a "luxury" line of lip glosses, which means "luxury" prices as well (lol)....but other than the packaging, I really can't see where it's different from any other run-of-the-mill lip gloss (with this specific set).  And side note: one of them already broke (I guess it happened when i dropped it) that's a done deal :(

My Kissable Couture Smooches I Mini Lip Gloss Set

3. All the Glosses Are Sheer.

These glosses are way too sheer to make a difference in my life.  They all pretty much look the same on my lips...from Dreams to Forest (the lightest to the deepest color).  If I apply a second and third coat, it only gets shinier....the color doesn't really intensify.  This is part of the reason why this set is just not worth it, to me....even with the "discount" I received.

4. Something in the Ingredients Make My Lips Itch :(

Now to be fair, this may just be my personal issue.  Every now and then I happen upon a lip gloss or balm that has this same effect...I just haven't yet figured out what ingredient may be causing this.  In the case of the Kissable Couture set, I think it may be the shimmer as I haven't noticed that itching sensation with Dreams (the only one without shimmer).... and can you believe that this is the only one that decided to break? Lol


I am very disappointed with the Kissable Couture Smooches I Mini Gloss Set...this is the only purchase from the Holiday Pop-Up Shop so far that I actually regret.  Sadly, the price doesn't match the quality or quantity.

Now for the Belle of the Ball!! .......



Kissable Couture in Fantasies *Without Flash*

Kissable Couture in Fantasies *With Flash*

My Description

Fantasies- An intense, crimson red gloss!


The individual Kissable Couture glosses retail for $22, but I paid $11 for Fantasies, as I made my purchase at the Holiday Pop-Up Shop.  I am in love with this gloss, and am very happy with my purchase.  It's very pigmented, great for the holiday season, and can help to instantly amp up your look!

Now THIS is what's worth spending money for!

Me Testing out Kissable Couture in Fantasies, after getting home from the Pop-Up Shop.

Another Pic With Me Trying Out Kissable Couture in Fantasies for the First Time.

Have you tried Kissable Couture?  Please share your thoughts!


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