Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to PROPERLY Remove Your Makeup At Night!

How do you remove your makeup before you go to bed at night?  Wait, do you even remove it?? Lol... I know some people use makeup remover wipes, and others will just use their regular face wash and call it a night (never mind the foundation stains left on the white wash cloth after they're finished).  Neither of the two methods are ideal.  Makeup remover wipes can leave unwanted residue....while regular face washes weren't built to go through layers of foundation, powder, concealer, blush etc. before getting to your skin.  Plus, special attention needs to be paid to your eye area, especially if you're wearing longwear/ waterproof eye makeup.  Click below for a better method to PROPERLY remove your makeup.....

You may watch the video version.....or continue reading further below:

 Do a Combination of the Two!

Instead of only using makeup remover wipes or depending on your regular face a combination of the two! That's right, think of it as a 2-step process....start off with removing as much makeup as you can (if not all) with the wipes, then end by cleansing your skin with your favorite facial cleanser.  That's it!

For Stubborn Eye Makeup......

If you're wearing waterproof eye makeup, this turns into a 3-step process (makeup remover wipes, cotton ball with oil-based remover, then your favorite facial cleanser).

Here are the steps for removing eye makeup:

1) Wet a cotton ball (with water, of course )

2) Add an oil-based remover to the cotton ball (FYI: baby oil will do....or if you think mineral oil is the worst thing on earth, extra-virgin olive oil works as well )

3) Hold the soaked cotton ball to your eye for a few seconds, then gently wipe to remove your stubborn eye makeup.  The oil should help to break things up.

*You can also dip a q-tip in your oil-based remover and use to carefully remove waterproof eyeliner etc.


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