Monday, December 19, 2011

BEHIND THE SCENES: Swimwear Shoot with Miss U.S. Virgin Islands!

Happy Monday!  ..... It's been a while since I've done a Behind the Scenes feature, so I'm very happy to finally share another one of my photo shoots with you.  The shoot was organized by Karen De Freitas (designer of SoKa) to present some of her swimwear pieces (and feather earrings as well).  She recruited former Miss US Virgin Islands, Janeisha John, as one  of her models.  Click below for more behind-the-scenes pics!......

Model and former Miss US Virgin Islands, Janeisha John, catches a laugh before the shoot.

The makeup I did was pretty much a re-creation of Christian Dior's Fall 2010 color-blocking eyes and dark lips, as per the designer's request.  I went ahead and re-created the look (seen below), minus the ghostly skin.
Christian Dior Fall 2010

Janeisha getting touched-up by hairstylist, Chantel George.

Karen wanted a gritty, graffiti-filled background:

SoKa Designer, Karen De Freiser, looks on during the shoot.

Next swimsuit!

Model, Janeisha, in between poses......This bathing suit is HOT (and she has the body to pull it off)!

 Here's one of the professional images....LOVE her cheekbones! (photo by: Mark Wiggin):

I think I did a pretty good job recreating the Christian Dior look Karen (the designer) wanted, but I'm not sure I'll be using this photo for my portfolio.  The model looks gorgeous, but it really bothers me that her lip color needed to be touched-up in this photo, plus, I feel like I could've penciled in her brows a bit.  I know, I can be a bit anal at times.  Anywhoooo, I had fun trying something new!

Model, Janeisha, and I (with my little set after the shoot.

Bonus: Take a look at Janeisha below as one of the leads in Daddy Yankee's music video (she's in the cheetah print bathing suit):


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