Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BEAUTY TIP: Sensitive, Watery Eyes?? Here's How to Line Them!

Do your eyes tear easily?  Does your eyeliner run 30 seconds after applying?  Then this post is for YOU! .... Lining the waterline is a great way to define the eyes!  It can add a more sultry, sexy feel to your look...if your eyeliner STAYS PUT!  Here are 2 solutions to keep them in line....

Check out my video solution....or continue reading further below:

SOLUTION #1: Waterproof Pencil Liner

The first thing you should try is using a waterproof pencil liner such as Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil!  This specific product is highly don't need to apply 5 or 10 times just to see the color show up (while irritating your eyelids even more in the process). 

SOLUTION #2: Cream or Gel Liner

If the waterproof eye pencil doesn't work, then the next step is to try a cream or gel liner (waterproof)!  You apply this using an angled liner brush (one of the 5 eye brushes you should know)......and instead of dragging the color along your waterline, dab instead (remember, you're using a brush so you must be extra gentle with your sensitive eyes ).

I prefer cream vs gel liners, because I find cream liners to be less streaky.  One of my favorites is L'Oreal HIP Cream liner, this is what I carry in my professional makeup kit.  It costs around $9.99 and works extremely well!

If you want to get extremely budget conscious, I would recommend Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner....for $3.99, it really can't be beat...LOVE it!

Hope this helped! Thanks for reading!

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