Friday, October 28, 2011

MAKEUP 101: Eye Brushes (5 You Should Know + How to Use Them)!

Have you ever wondered why in the world you would need more than one brush to apply your eye makeup?  Do you get overwhelmed seeing all the different types of brushes because you have no idea what they're for, much less, how to use them?  Then this post is for you!  Every brush has its purpose, and creating a polished eye makeup look requires using the right tools.  I list the 5 eye makeup brushes you should know and explain the importance of each.....

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1. EYESHADOW BRUSH (aka Shader Brush)

If you're going to have just one eye makeup brush, this should be it.  This is the most basic of all the eye brushes, as it's best used to apply shadow on the lids.  With this brush, you're able to pack on the eye color until you reach the desired intensity.


The blending brush is one of the most important eye brushes as this is the tool that can make your eye makeup go from amateur-looking to polished and professionally done.  As its name suggests, the blending brush is used to blend your eyeshadow.  Here are situations where you would definitely need to blend:

A. Applying More Than One Color- If you're applying more than one color to your eyelids, you must blend in order to have a smooth transition from one color to the next.  You do not want harsh lines....smooth and polished is the way to go!

B. Applying Above The Eyelids- If you're applying shadow above the eyelids (from the crease on upwards), it's essential to use a blending brush or you run the risk of looking gaudy.  The area above the lids require a different kind of application than the intense, packed-on look that the basic eyeshadow brush provides. 
C. Creating A Smokey Eye- The whole idea of a smokey eye is to have an intense color on the lids that fades as it goes further away.  You need the light, smooth application of a blending brush to give that faded look....that smokey eye effect.


  Love that sexy, cat eye look?  Here's your tool!  The angled liner brush is used to create straight, precise lines using cream or gel eyeliners.  Go 'head with your winged-out liner!


The smudger brush is great for smudging out your eyeliner for a smokey (rather than defined) eye makeup look.  It's also great for applying your highlight color in the tear ducts.


The angled eyeshadow brush is much thicker and fluffier than the angled liner brush.  It's great for applying eyeshadow in the outer-v section of your eyelids.

The flat liner brush can be used to line the eyes, but I prefer to use it, instead, for applying shadow on the bottom lids.

And that's it....please WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE for a better understanding!

Hope you learned something. Thanks for reading!

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