Thursday, October 6, 2011

BEHIND THE SCENES: Chinatown Shoot!

In August, I collaborated on two photo shoots with Australian photographer, Clare Harvey, who was in NYC for a couple of weeks to capture some great images.  The first shoot we did together was in the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park, where we channeled the 70's Beatles era.  The second shoot took place in downtown Manhattan (Chinatown to be exact), and included hairstylist, Myss Monique....model, Lucia Gioiello..... and designer, Nicole Hyle of Gamine (her designs and styling were on point!).

Click below for the scoop + more pics!

Since we were shooting in the streets of Chinatown, I finished off her makeup in a nearby park!

Here's Clare doing the first few test shots (as hairstylist, Monique, texts away on her yes, the model was sitting next to some dead fish (Clare thought it would be cool)!  By the way, as we were leaving I saw one of them start to move around! o_0

Now here are some of the professional pics:

I love how her eye makeup fits right in with all those colorful fruits!

Gotta throw in a black & white:

I'm in LOVE with this vibrant blue background!

Took this one with my camera:

Perfect NYC moment....yellow cab dashing by!

...And that's about all for now!

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  1. Really beautiful work.

  2. Wow... someday I want to be doing what your are doing... I am so jealous. but GOOD jealous... I love seeing other makeup artists in action... thanks for sharing the pics.. is just super cool!
    I appreciate your comment on my blog coming from a PRO it really means a lot...
    blessings hun

  3. Thank you both for your compliments!

    @Lizbeth Your makeup looks are on point!...I'm SURE you'll soon be doing this as well! :)



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