Sunday, October 23, 2011

BEAUTY TIP: Your Foundation Can Do Many Things But THIS, My Friend, Isn't One of Them!!

Foundations are an awesome invention!  They're great for enhancing your complexion, evening out your skin tone, and correcting skin discolorations (among many things).  But make no mistake, they do have their limitations and it's important for us as consumers to beware aware of this fact.  Many cosmetic brands market their products in a way that suggests you can achieve a flawless, poreless appearance despite what your skin looks like underneath....and this is oh so wrong!   Foundations can do seemingly miraculous things like transform a face full of acne spots into a perfectly even complexion....but there's one thing that it absolutely CANNOT do!...and that is.....

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Foundations absolutely cannot in any way, shape or form, alter the TEXTURE of your skin!  When I talk about texture, I'm referring to whether your skin is smooth, has a rough surface, dry patches, fine bumps, visible acne flare-ups etc.  The size of your pores can also affect the texture.  Foundations can alter color, NOT texture! can give the impression of an even skin tone, but it cannot fake an even texture!

Your texture remains the same with or without foundation.  For instance, you can't expect it to hide the fact that you may have cystic acne; anything on your skin that's raised, pretty much creates an added dimension.  Think about it....the only way possible to camouflage this extra dimension would be to make your foundation so layered that it meets the height of the largest pimple, thereby creating an even layer throughout....but this isn't practical!  You would essentially be wearing a prosthetic face!

My advice: If your main skin concern has to do with the texture of your skin, it's best you seek help via your dermatologist NOT via your nearest cosmetic counter!

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