Sunday, October 16, 2011

BEAUTY TIP: How to Knock Out Shine WITHOUT Caking on the Powder!

 I know you're often told to use powder throughout the day to absorb the excess oil your skin produces, but constantly powdering the face on top of the foundation you're already wearing can cause your makeup to look 'cakey'!  Here's another way to knock out shine and mattify your makeup without caking on the powder.

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The Solution:

Instead of piling on the powder, use an oil-blotting sheet to absorb the excess oil.  You take the sheet and pat (not wipe) the areas of your face that need special attention (generally the T-zone).  The patting motion ensures that you don't disturb the makeup below, just the oil that's on the surface.  You'll know the product is doing the job when the originally opaque, blue sheet starts to become transparent.  My favorite oil blots are Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.   You can also find the generic version at your nearest drugstore (they do the exact same thing).

How do you stay shine-free throughout the day? Please share below!

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