Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind the Scenes: New York Fashion Week's 'The Style Salon' Event (Spring 2012 Presentation)!

Exactly one week ago, I worked backstage at my first official fashion show during New York's Fashion Week!!  ....The event, called 'The Style Salon,' was produced by publicists, Jada Russell and Joy Doss...and featured various emerging designers.

Some guests in attendance included Gloria Govan and Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives, as well as hairstylist, Derek J, from Real Housewives of Atlanta!  There were also a few models from America's Next Top Model walking the runway, including Keenyah from cycle 4.


I was fortunate enough to be involved with this project, thanks to Emmy-award winning makeup artist, Karen Dupiche, who recommended me!  ... Huge shout-out goes to her, as well as co-producer, Jada, who contacted me to join the glam team!...By the way, I'm pictured above with my model, Raquel, who turned heads because people thought she was the second coming of Grace Jones! ;) 

Here I am backstage before the show with ANTM Keenyah Hill (left) and celebrity makeup artist, Karen Dupiche (center)

The Key Makeup Artist was the lovely Deida Massey, here she is working on the 1st model:

Derek J (celebrity hairstylist) and Karen Dupiche once again (who by the way, does makeup for Elizabeth Hasselback & Sherry Shepherd on The View)!:

Scurry of Activity Backstage!:

*The designers were: Ikasho, Maria Michele, Kachi Designs, Sukari New York, and Nailah's.

Here's my model, Raquel, up and about backstage!:

* I had one main model, but I also helped out where needed...for instance, right before the show someone brought another model to my chair for a touch-up, so I gladly pitched in! ...and then one of the ladies working the event came to me to spice up her makeup look.  She said she only had 10 min., so I quickly did her eye makeup before she dashed off somewhere! Lol

I went for sushi on the Upper West Side with a couple of the makeup artists after the show (Clockwise: Natasha Denis, Andrey Barrantes, Vivian Wynter, et moi )!:

The other members of the glam team aren't pictured here, but they are: Deida Massey (key makeup artist), Cataanda J, and Thomas Dye.

Here's a 'Look of the Day' featuring the black smokey eye look I wore to this event!

Stay tuned! I'll give an update once the official backstage pics and footage become available! xoxo


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