Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauty Tip: Exfoliate Your Lips! (2 Homemade Solutions Using Items from Your Kitchen)

Isn't it the most annoying thing ever when you put on your favorite bold lipstick only to see it highlight all the dry flakes of skin you didn't even know was there?  You thought you had soft, smooth lips...... until you applied that MAC Ruby Woo (or some other popular, especially matte lipstick).  I'm sure we all want those puckers to be in tip-top plump shape, but are we doing the things that will aid in that quest?  Most people are willing to add exfoliating to their daily beauty ritual when it comes to their face, but very few actually give their lips that same kind of attention.  Why not? There are many commercial products on the market for this purpose, plus there are simple steps you can take to achieve the same results using everyday items at home.

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Below are 2 easy solutions you may want to repeat about once a week or so.

Homemade Solution #1:  Use Olive Oil and Sugar!

Mix a little bit of sugar and olive oil in the palm of your hands, creating a sort of paste...then apply to your lips and massage for about 30 - 45 seconds.  Rinse, then apply your favorite lip moisturizer!

Homemade Solution #2: Use Olive Oil and Your Toothbrush!

Apply an ample amount of olive oil to your lips, then use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate.  Rinse then apply your lip moisturizer of choice!

That's it! Let me know your thoughts!

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