Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bridal Trial: Jen Goes from Having a Pink a Glowing, Bridal Blush!

So this past Sunday, I had the pleasure of doing a bridal trial/consultation with Jen Coutant, a very cheery 27 yr old bride-to-be from Long Island, NY!  She's been with her fiance for about 6 years, and they've finally decided to tie the knot! <3 .....  With only a couple of weeks left before her big day, Jen wanted to try makeup looks that would bring out her best without being too dramatic or out of her norm.  Besides coming up with a look that would suit her fancy, I also had to pay special attention to the recent sunburn she acquired around her cheek area, in addition to balancing out her natural pink flush (which she tells me is courtesy of her Irish heritage ).  In the end, those concerns were a thing of the past!

The final look added even more of a sparkle to her gorgeous green eyes, plus a glow to her skin that every bride-to-be deserves! Take a peek.....

So here's Jen's bridal transformation!

I used foundation and concealer to tone down the redness in the center of her face.....then gave her a light, smokey eye.....and very pretty, soft pink lips.  I also added a sheer, coral blush....and highlighter to accentuate her cheekbones (which you'll see a lot better in her sideview pics).  Her little dimple added a cute touch


I used concealer to cancel out the redness around her nose...and to also reduce the red blemish on this side of her cheek.

* Jen preferred not to wear false lashes, as she felt her own lashes were long enough (plus she wanted to be as natural as possible)....and though I am a huge fan of falsies, she was definitely right...she had her own set of lengthy lashes that framed her eyes beautifully once the mascara was applied (I used L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in 'Carbon Black').

Some more 'After' looks (she's beaming! )

So End Result: Bright and Glowy....or just plain Gorgeous!

Looking forward to getting her 'glammed' up for the real thing in a couple of weeks!

What do you think of Jen's finished bridal look?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!  Thanks for reading! 

 * Glamour by Khadine - NYC Makeup Artist *

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  1. Great job Khadine! I think it's perfect for a wedding :)

  2. umm... can you live with me and put on my face every morning? she looks great!

  3.'re funny Vita!...thnx :)

    Btw, don't be afraid to join the blog! (Click that pretty little 'join this site' button to the right :p)

  4. wow! I have redness around my nose and cheeks , makes me feel so self-conscious without make up...



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