Monday, August 22, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: How to Get Facials & Other Beauty Treatments at Over 50% Off!

 Ladies, don't wait for some special person or event to give you permission to pamper yourselves!  Do it on your own terms.... just 'cause you feel like it!

...."But I'm broke"...."That's a luxury," you say.  Well, not when you know the right avenues to get all the deals and discounts you so surely deserve!  This is why I'm here to share the scoop (just in case you don't know).

Click below for details!

I also recorded a YouTube video about this....but if you prefer to read, continue below!


Lifebooker is the love of my life right now!  This is one of those gems that leave me wondering how in the world I didn't discover it sooner (where have you been all my life??)! ...I've gotten facials, massages, spa mani-pedis....and even a deal for dental exam/xrays/ and cleaning from this website (those without health insurance, take note)!

What is it? --> A website that offers up to 70% off beauty and health services!

How does it work? --> You sign up, select your preferences, then get daily emails on services based on your interests.   You can either buy the deal (called a 'Loot') and save it for use at some point in the future....or you may have to book the appointment at time of purchase, in order to get the discount being offered.

* I personally prefer the 'Loots'.... it allows me to take advantage of the offer without committing to a date right away (I just don't like being rushed or pressured). 

Sign me up! --> Visit the Lifebooker website to get your discount/pampering on!


1.  Spadia --> Get daily deals on spa treatments (Lifebooker often has the same offers).

2. --> Each city in the country has it's own designated spa week in which said deals are offered...check the website for details (I took advantage of the NYC Spa Week in an organic facial, massage, and body scrub! )

3. Groupon --> Get discounts on various beauty services + more....(as a matter of fact, I just received an email this morning from this site, for a $17 mani-pedi in the Village).

4. LivingSocial --> Offers a variety of local can even choose to receive deals from specific neighborhoods (i.e. Upper West Side, Meatpacking etc.).

*I'm sure there are more...but it's just that Lifebooker is the one I'm obsessed with....and the others, I'm somewhat familiar don't give up on your search to get pampered on a budget!

Thanks for reading!

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