Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before & After Makeover: Dance Performer Tanya Glides from Super Fit to Super Fab!

This past weekend, one of Brooklyn's newest up-and-coming fitness studios,  Exotic Curves Pole Fitness , celebrated their one year anniversary, which I briefly attended.  Though I would have loved to have participated in the festivities, I was mainly there to help my friend Tanya get 'glammed up' for the event!   She was scheduled to perform in their anniversary showcase, so I made sure she looked as flawlessly fab as she was physically fit!

Click below to see Tanya's transformation!

The 'big reveal'! .......Overall Look:

Sideview (check out how long her lashes look AFTER! ):


The lashes and filled-in brows made a huge difference!:

Makeup done... now she's ready for her performance (she's super flexible y'all)!:

More pics I took while stalking her around the gym! Lol (I have no pics of her performance as I had to leave, no flash photography was allowed anyway, they had their own professional photographers) :

Awww, she looks so purrty! :) 

...That's all folks! Hope you liked, and thanks for reading! 

What do you think of Tanya's finished look? ....Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

 * Glamour by Khadine - NYC Makeup Artist *

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  1. You made Tanya's beautiful face glow! She's gorgeous without all the makeup... you enhanced her already fabulous features!

  2. Khadine you did such a great job! I love it!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Looking absolutely glamorous! Tanya you are beautiful as is but this is cover model caliente!woo hoo.... Khadine great work... Next big event I have I am hiring YOU! xoxo

  4. @Love_ecj: Thank you! Yes, she had some great features to work with!...thanks for reading & don't forget to join :)

    @Subtle-T: Thanks for the compliment!...appreciate you reading :)

  5. OMG!! You have a great body, amazing skin, and you look HOTT hun..

  6. @Sweetness: Thank you so much!...feel free to contact me whenever you're ready! :)

  7. you look AWESOME TANYA! Good Job =D

  8. Get it girl! You look amazing. Body, face...Excellent job done!

  9. Tanya is pretty fierce on her own but.... well.... hot DAMN!

    Great work Khadine!

    (shoutout to Germaine and Francois, too. :-)


  10. Holy smokes! Hot dang! Oh my word! Oh boy! Dang! Wow-zuh! Geez Louiz!

    That's my big sister!

  11. Amazing joB! love love love it!...Steph xoxox

  12. two black women doing it big!! One with a pole and another with a brush lol great work ladies!!



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