Thursday, June 9, 2011

REVIEW: Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

I think I first heard about this product from an article I read featuring celebrity makeup artist, Mylah Morales.  She was listing some of the products she used for a look Rihanna wore to some major Hollywood event...and I was duly taking note! (does that make any sense? Lol)

Mylah Morales used The Sensual Skin Enhancer as an under-eye concealer for Rihanna, but it can also be used as a foundation.  Personally, Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer is definitely my go-to concealer! Love it! :)

Click for more details (PROS, CONS, PRICING) + PICS of me wearing the product for the first time! :)

You can also watch this review on my YouTube Beauty Channel! But if not, continue reading below!


1. Versatile
* Can be used as either a concealer OR foundation (note: it's too thick for use as a foundation in the I only use it as a concealer during the warmer months).

2. Great Coverage
* Can be used as a full-coverage foundation or mixed with primer or moisturizer for a lighter, medium coverage.
* As an undereye concealer, it works beautifully to cover up those stubborn dark circles.  Similar to MAC's studio finish concealer, it's pretty opaque, so works really well to conceal dark spots and blemishes without having to do too much 'building.'
* Because of it's coverage, it's perfect as a foundation for photo shoots requiring a flawless finish!

3. A Little Goes a Looong Way!
* You will never be able to finish this only need the tiniest amount to cover your whole face!  And if you only use as concealer, you literally just need a touch. 

4. Creamy, Whipped Texture
* Blends well with my Beautyblender sponge!...though I sometimes use my fingers to apply under the eyes and to dab onto any dark spots I want to conceal on my face.


1. Contains Mineral Oil (may clog pores??) *which is why I mostly use as concealer.
2. Expensive (check "Price") *but totally worth it! :)


1. $45 + tax!  (I think I bought it at Henri Bendel). * No regrets here!

Me wearing the product for the first time (as both foundation and concealer) color is 'SX 13'...they describe this shade as having a warm, rosy-yellow undertone (whatever that means! Lol):

I LOOOOVE this product!  And the color I bought works really well with my complexion! :)

* I also used this product on a model who had a similar caramel complexion to mine, for a photo shoot in Harlem.  Click here for the results.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading! :)

Have you tried this product? Will you try it after reading this post?  Any Questions? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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