Friday, June 24, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Striking Haitian Beauty!

I did a photo shoot with this gorgeous Haitian model, Martine Sainvil, whose cheerful attitude was just as delightful as her great bone structure and killer stare!  We did two separate makeup looks: one with super long, dramatic lashes combined with teal, metallic lips (which added a little edge)...and another with bright fuchsia lips and silvery smokey eyes (kept the same lengthy lashes for dramatic effect  )

Click for tons of PICS and highlights from the shoot!

 Here's the beginning of the process...Welcome to Khadine's makeup chair!

Now time to shoot (Sasha Chou was the photographer for this shoot):

Wardrobe & styling by Karen De Freiser of SoKa:

Where did this kid come from??...this little girl ran out from either behind or under the bench! Lol:

Let's do close-ups:

I think it's hilarious that the model started a small crowd gathering...these kids really thought she was a superstar! :

Time for the 2nd Look! :

Defining the brows with MAC Brow Shader in 'Soft Charcoal':

Now work it! :

Outfit provided by designer, Splash Fash....and accessories provided by SoKa:

Be sure to check out my official website for the finished, professional images.

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