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Beauty on a Budget: Have You Tried e.l.f. Cosmetics?

If you're a makeup enthusiast that claims to be on a budget, yet have never tried (or even heard of) e.l.f. cosmetics, then you're definitely missing out!  I'm not saying this is the most durable brand, but it is certainly something to consider when you're shopping for good deals.  In fact, 'good deal' is an understatement when it comes to e.l.f. cosmetics.  This brand sells a variety of makeup products, application tools, and other beauty-related goodies at insanely cheap prices!

Click below for details (pricing, what I DO and DON'T recommend + much more)!


** Be sure to refer to their website for exact pricing.  This is just a sample.

1. $1
* Most of the products from their original line cost $1! Yes, just $1! Isn't that insane?

2. $3
Their studio line products (targeted to professionals) are a bit more 'expensive'...most single items seem to cost only $3.

3. $5 and up
* A lot of their mineral foundations and concealers are around $5.  
* They also have tools, such as a brush belt, or certain sets, that go beyond this price...but nothing that will break the bank.

6. Sales
* As if their products aren't affordable enough, they're always having sales!...sometimes they offer 50% off when you buy over a certain dollar amount....and this amount isn't even  much.  Most of the times when I see this promo, you only need to spend $25 or more.  As a matter of fact, they currently have a promo like this going on for their studio line (which ends 6/27/11)...check their homepage for details -->

Where to Buy:

1. Online
* You can always buy their products on their website: ('eyes, lips, face' is what the moniker, e.l.f., stands for).  Be prepared to pay for shipping of course.  The last time I checked, standard shipping on their website was about $6.95 within the U.S.

2. Target
* Target carries their products...but be warned, you won't get the full product line.  They only carry certain items.

3. Select Beauty Supply Stores
* You'll be hard-pressed to randomly walk into just any beauty supply store and expect their products to be there waiting for you.  You may want to check their website for store distributors.

4. Select Bargain/Discount Stores
* I've seen them in discount stores like 'Jack's 99c Store,' so I'm sure others across the country carry them too.

5. Rainbow
* If you live in NYC, you could check out the clothing store, 'Rainbow'.  I've seen some of e.l.f.'s lip glosses at certain stores...not sure about their other products.

What I DO Recommend:

1. Lipglosses
 * Seriously, how can you really go wrong with this?  I think you get the best value for your buck ( by purchasing their lip gloss.  They have a nice range of colors, and their lip glosses do pretty much the same things any standard lip glosses do.  If you buy anything from this brand, I say this should be it!

2. Brushes
 * I think e.l.f  brushes are perfect as a starter collection.  They're great to practice on when you're just learning what each tool is, and how to use them (they're all labeled by function).  They have every brush imaginable: lip brushes, blending brushes, powder brushes, concealer brushes...the works!

* Be warned
- These brushes do come apart very easily...but you can't exactly cry over spilled milk when you most likely paid a measly dollar! Lol 
- Their powder brushes (from the original line) are not the softest...may feel a little coarse against your skin. You may want to try the studio brushes if this is an issue for you.

3. Eyeshadow Primers
* I used to use it before I bought my Urban Decay Primer Potion, and found it perfectly acceptable!  It worked well to keep my eyeshadow in place.  The only thing I didn't like was that it left a whitish film on my skin (this probably wouldn't be a problem for fairer skin).  Anyway, I still wouldn't depend on this for a long evening out (but this may only be a mental thing).

4. Shine Erasers
* Yep, they do take off the shine!...though this wouldn't be my first choice for this purpose.  This has a paper-like texture, and I prefer the plastic-like texture of my Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (which is an HG product for me!).

5. Bronzing Powders 
* This is last, but certainly not least!  Some of their bronzing powders are actually staples in my personal makeup collection (but I will go into detail about these in another stay tuned  )

What I DON'T Recommend:

1. Eyeshadows
* When it comes to their eye shadows (from the original line)...I say no, no, no!  They are dull, and not very pigmented at all....barely show up on your skin....and definitely aren't true to color.  They're better off in the containers they come in.

2. Liquid Liner
s (not the pen, the one in the nail-polish-looking bottle)
*  This thing has the most toxic, chemically-pungent, repelling smell!  I mean, how could you have something that's meant for use around such a delicate area, have such intense odor (it's not even pleasant enough for me to consider it a 'fragrance').  I think the product even burned a bit when I attempted to apply (If I even made it that  I bought two of these bad boys at some point last year, and where are they now?...posted up in one of my drawers....or somewhere else I don't care to ever see them again.


Back story:
* I've been with e.l.f. cosmetics since the very beginning.  I was introduced to the brand when they came to one of my college events 6 or 7 years ago and gave out samples of their 'soon-to-be' product line.  I instantly became hooked to their lip glosses, and have been ordering their products online (and now in-stores) ever since.

The real conclusion:
* This brand is perfect for young girls as an introduction to the fabulous world of cosmetics!   It's also ideal for college students living on a part-time budget...or any fun, makeup-wearing person that enjoys getting a good bargain!  Even if you're not a 'makeup person,' per se, there is no better brand to do your makeup experimentation with....come on, $1 per item just can't be beat!

Thanks for reading!  

What's your favorite discount brand?....Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. I love elf cosmetics! I have a couple of their brushes and work pretty well! But I only like the brushes from their studio line. Nice post!

  2. Hey..thanks! :)

    Cool blog name, btw...will check it out!
    ~ Khadine



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