Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Experience at The Makeup Show NYC 2011!

So, I attended the much-anticipated Makeup Show right here in NYC, for the very first time!  I shopped, sat through a couple of seminars, and all-in-all took in the whole experience as a first-time attendee. 

Check out the highlights below:

SAM FINE Seminar

I'm so happy I chose Sam Fine's seminar!  I knew he was a talented makeup artist, but had no idea he was personable, charismatic, and funny as hell!  The first thing he did when he arrived was mingle with the audience....and chit-chat like he knew us all from way back when!  Throughout the seminar, he gave tips on application techniques and answered career-related questions, all while keeping us entertained!

 Mr. Fine mingling with the crowd

Sam Fine demonstrating his technique on model, Gina.

Sam Fine's model, Gina, posing for my camera! :)

She's so graceful!

Tadaaa!! (Finished look after Sam Fine demonstrated on 1/2 of her face)

Sam Fine Tips:

* Always go darker along the hairline (Sam Fine loves him some contouring!)

 * Use a brush with pony hair to work on the delicate undereye area (it's a lot softer than other types of brushes)

* Use concealer one or two shades lighter under the eyes

* For aspiring makeup artists: choose your top 5 artists, research what agencies they work for, and contact their agencies to find out if you can be put on their show list.

Sam Fine Fun Facts:

* He used clear anti-perspirant on Mo'Nique's T-zone for the Golden Globes (to keep her makeup looking fresh all night!).

* His makeup kit of choice?--> a Zuca backpack

* He uses alcone sponges

* His favorite moisturizer?--> Kiehl's Creme D'elegance


I sat in on David Klasfeld's presentation on HD makeup techniques, in which he used his brand of airbrush foundation to demonstrate (for those of you who don't know, David is the founder and CEO of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, or OCC for short).

He stressed the point that HD is NOT a product, but a technique!  So don't be fooled by brands promoting their products as HD this or HD that....they're capitalizing off the fact that 'HD' is the current buzz word.  A couple of years ago, mineral makeup was all the rage, now HD has taken its place.

After the presentation, I went to his booth and bought 2 OCC lip tars (discounted at $10 each)!

OCC Lip tars in "grandma" (left) and "trollop" (right)


There were a lot of popular beauty bloggers and youtube gurus in the building, such as MakeupbyRenRen (One of my personal favorites,) and Queen of Blending (who has over 175,000 youtube subscribers!).  I didn't take any pictures with them, but I did approach RenRen at the Graftobian booth and thanked her for sharing so much knowledge on her blog! She was super sweet.


IEnvy Lashes:

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in "dark/deep"-discounted at $25 (instead of the original $35 price):

Crown brushes (1 angled liner brush; 1 angled buffer brush; 1 small fan brush)- they were less than $5 each.
Plus other knick-knacks for my kit from the Crown Brushes booth :

Makeup remover wipes from Naimie's (about $2.50 for each pack of 30- amazing!):

And MAC False Lashes mascara- but I quickly returned it the next did absolutely nothing for my lashes!  I think MAC zoom fast black lash does what this mascara purports to do....I may as well have gone to the drugstore.

That's all folks!....Thanks for reading! :)

 * Glamour by Khadine - NYC Makeup Artist *

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