Friday, May 27, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Fashion Shoot on the Upper East!

 So, this month I did a fashion/editorial shoot on the Upper East Side with photographer, Meeshel Prado.  It was a pleasure working with her as well as the model, Lauren G

The photographer, Meeshel, did the styling for the shoot herself....and was working with a specific color palette.  Most of the wardrobe selections were in the creme and beige range.  So for the first look, I decided to add a bright peach color to her lips to give a sudden "pop" against all the neutral tones in her wardrobe.  We started out pretty, but her makeup looks became more edgy as the shoot went on.

Click below to see the model pouting those bright peach lips ! ...... PLUS lots more pictures taken throughout the shoot!

My behind-the-scenes photo of model, Lauren, doing her thingy thing :

Model, Lauren, being silly for the camera....So cute! Lol:

The PROFESSIONAL photo outcome for this scene:

I did a quick change of makeup look for the next outfit:

Strike a Pose!:

The hat adds a little flare:

Here's the PROFESSIONAL photo for this scene:

Next look (I think my point-and-shoot did a pretty good job here, don't ya think?) :

Accompanying PROFESSIONAL Photo:

Me changing the makeup to something super dramatic!:

Some "Behind-the-Scenes" While She Waits to Shoot:

A quick break:

The Finished (Professional) Photograph for this Look (it's not meant to be pretty ):

That's all folks....hope you enjoyed!

Toodles <3


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