Friday, May 27, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Fashion Shoot on the Upper East!

 So, this month I did a fashion/editorial shoot on the Upper East Side with photographer, Meeshel Prado.  It was a pleasure working with her as well as the model, Lauren G

The photographer, Meeshel, did the styling for the shoot herself....and was working with a specific color palette.  Most of the wardrobe selections were in the creme and beige range.  So for the first look, I decided to add a bright peach color to her lips to give a sudden "pop" against all the neutral tones in her wardrobe.  We started out pretty, but her makeup looks became more edgy as the shoot went on.

Click below to see the model pouting those bright peach lips ! ...... PLUS lots more pictures taken throughout the shoot!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Photo Shoot Inspired By Rihanna's S&M Video!

Rihanna's S&M video.....need I say more?  If you've ever seen this video, you'd know it's jam-packed with loads of creative imagery and colorful visuals (how orgasmic)!  One of the looks that specifically attracted my attention was the makeup she sported while wearing the white latex head bonnet.  The look included purple/violet eyes, pale pink lips, and a frosty pink blush.  I couldn't help but be inspired to do a recreation (or more like my own interpretation)!

So I put together a photo shoot to bring my Rihanna-inspired  idea to life, and found a designer who did an amazing job in helping me accomplish this!  She provided a white, hooded swimsuit, and even accessorized to add a little twist.   I was in love with the whole ensemble...couldn't be happier with the outcome! :) ....Take a look:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look of the Day: Teal/Blue Eyes With Natural Lips

This is actually the look I wore to The Makeup Show NYC last week.  I had this teal colored pigment I bought in Canada years ago (and hadn't used in ages), so decided to do my makeup based around it.

Check below for more pics + the list of products I used to complete this look!  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Experience at The Makeup Show NYC 2011!

So, I attended the much-anticipated Makeup Show right here in NYC, for the very first time!  I shopped, sat through a couple of seminars, and all-in-all took in the whole experience as a first-time attendee. 

Check out the highlights below:

SAM FINE Seminar

I'm so happy I chose Sam Fine's seminar!  I knew he was a talented makeup artist, but had no idea he was personable, charismatic, and funny as hell!  The first thing he did when he arrived was mingle with the audience....and chit-chat like he knew us all from way back when!  Throughout the seminar, he gave tips on application techniques and answered career-related questions, all while keeping us entertained!

 Mr. Fine mingling with the crowd


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